Monday, 20 August 2012


 Recently on a shopping trip to Exeter with my mate Rachel  I spent some of my ££££ and these are the little things I found. I didn't get a big amount but I'll start from the top,  Iv gone to shops I never normally buy from but.... yeh its a galaxy/planet digitally printed top from River Island the sleeves are quite long so i tend to roll them up like i do on most tops, it was £10 in the sale and was basically the only thing I liked in there. I then went to Primark as you do? well not me i never shop there but thought id give it a try and found this piece its a plain grey sweater with a camo printed pocket the pocket has fallen off on one side so was reduced to £5! it was also in my size so couldn't pass it up all I did was pop the popper together and the pocket doesn't fall off! its such a cheap alternative to ones like it in Size or Urban Outfitters. After a semi successfully first half of the day shopping we decided to go Starbucks this was a mission in a half as we couldn't find it anywhere after a walk around the whole town!!! we found one and I have a lush cookie crumble frapp im not big on chocolate drinks but had  to try this as iv heard people raving about it, as we walked back into the town as the Starbucks we went to was quite away out we found a Starbucks right in the centre of town! haha oh wells it was a fun adventure ( a mini one at that). The final shop i bought from was Urban Outfitters I got this Cheap Monday vest top in the sale i cant remember the exact price but think it was around £12 iv seen the top version on Lookbook but found the vest more baggy and loose fitting which is what i like, although people have made jokes and saying there are letters missing I still like it and its great to layer with! My last buy was a pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses I tried these on and wasn't sure at first but went back to get them as I needed them in my life! Overall the day was successfully and we had fun on our little train journey!
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